Talentbuddy is joining Udemy!

We’re very excited to share that Talentbuddy has been acquired by Udemy!

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Udemy is the world’s leading online learning marketplace where over 10 million students are enrolled in more than 40,000 courses in 190 countries.

Back in 2013, we created Talentbuddy to help developers prepare for technical interviews using a learn-by-doing approach.

We initially created an interactive programming platform that helped students prepare for coding interviews, solve problems in over 14 programming languages, and learn by studying the solutions of their peers.

Over time, we used the same approach to create new courses and mentorship programs focused on helping developers learn to create complex web applications with Node.js and Ember.js.

Up until now, we had the pleasure to help more than 45,000 developers to improve their ability to solve problems, build applications, advance their careers, and get new jobs.

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